Saturday, August 6, 2011

which one?

We have to choose at least one, and maximum two of 40 extracurricular activities at my school. Basically, they're sports, arts, foreign languages (or should I say language-since there's only one subject this year *english, what else?*-which is SUCKS.), science clubs, musics, dance, and other stuff (bussiness club, social service, etc).

I'm 100% not fitted in sports, dance, drawing, and science club; but there's still actually 4 clubs that I considered of joining.

1. Karawitan. 
because the activities are pretty simple--playing some Javanese instrument called Gamelan. I've joined Karawitan on junior high with my friends, and we're thinking of joining this year as well.
There's only one problem: in this new school of ours, there's a lot more options than in junior high, and a lot of cooler activities too. So of course we're a bit bored with joining the exact same activity which is I'm sure is not the most popular one among the others. (You know, in this day and age, which high school students would actually want to see their friends playing some old instrument in their performing arts events?)

2. Photography and Digital Image
My father has almost lost all of his interest to his one-year-old-SLR-camera. Since it was left in his wardrobe and waiting for spiders to web, I'm thinking of using it for my personal interests. I have liked the art of photography since I was in junior high, but I've never actually learn the basics or asking some professionals. It's kinda cool to have your SLR hanging on your neck anyway. (makes you looked like a professional although you're a super beginner. HA.)  and this one is a super-popular extracurricular too.

3. Sahabat Perpustakaan (translated as Library's best friend)
Not a popular one. Their members also made a cute mini pamphlet, and going around classes to promote their club too. And that's so nice of them, since I became interested of joining because of their hard work. The club give a lot of benefits; extra-point for Bahasa Indonesia, some leaderships experience, writing articles-fictions-book reviews experience, and you can borrow up to 5 books at a time from our school's amazing library if you are a member. *I know, why didn't I join a Journalism club?*
here's the story:
I've been interested in writing since junior high, and joined a Journalism club too. I've write an article that was published in our school's magazine. but that was not the point; when my article was published, I saw a lot of the so called 'correction and editing' on my writings. but that was not the point either. what I hate the most is the text "written by Lucia Jessica AND put a name here". the editor's name IS next to my name, as the writer. I was like ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? and throw that magazine, as far away as I can. and I hate the journalism for that. *I know I'm stupid, but so what?*

4. other music clubs 
I've just taking violin courses for a year, and I'm not really sure if I can be in music clubs. this one's problem is I haven't collected enough self-confidence to be performing in front of others, and to be a beginner among those musical geniuses members.

Popular clubs got their members without doing anything, and even had to do a selection among the member candidates. (and the one that got through the selection somehow feels (a little) superior.) Meanwhile, the not so popular clubs had to do a lot of promotion, and still is not as popular as the earlier because mostly the members are the one that is not selected in the popular one. It's a natural thing, I guess, yet it's just not fair. :|