Thursday, December 8, 2011

happy birthday me.


16 years old and still getting older. :D

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

books and reality

Sometimes when you had just finished a book (romantic ones to be precise), you would think and wonder, how could the leading male and female was so handsome/beautiful even though they were not actors.

Even when the girl had completely forgotten her stupid-but-handsome-football-player crush and finally realized her love for her male best friend, she WILL still think that her best friend was actually handsome, or at least she will realize how fit his body was, how big and warm his hand was, or how cute his smile was.

And of course, when that happened, some readers thought that it's kinda sweet; while the others thought what the heck is wrong with her being stupid for the last 10 years or something.

Anyway, we sometimes want non-good-looking roles, but when we actually read those books- our heart sank and we just want to finishes the book as quickly as we can and buy another one.

That's why I think books should stay as an imagination of the author that we read, and should not be compared with reality. because that's just wayyy too DIFFERENT.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

great day for a calendar photograph

So every class were asked to take a group photograph for our school's very first edition of Calendar.
I hope it looked good enough. :D

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I know what "vintage" is, and I know which clothes or accessories should be called as vintage and which should not be; but when a friend of mine ask me what vintage is, I didn't really know what should I say. I just said "errrm...., antique?".

I've also googled and I haven't really found anything useful.
so, does anybody know?

all images were taken from here. I heart them so much and I think you should too. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

which one?

We have to choose at least one, and maximum two of 40 extracurricular activities at my school. Basically, they're sports, arts, foreign languages (or should I say language-since there's only one subject this year *english, what else?*-which is SUCKS.), science clubs, musics, dance, and other stuff (bussiness club, social service, etc).

I'm 100% not fitted in sports, dance, drawing, and science club; but there's still actually 4 clubs that I considered of joining.

1. Karawitan. 
because the activities are pretty simple--playing some Javanese instrument called Gamelan. I've joined Karawitan on junior high with my friends, and we're thinking of joining this year as well.
There's only one problem: in this new school of ours, there's a lot more options than in junior high, and a lot of cooler activities too. So of course we're a bit bored with joining the exact same activity which is I'm sure is not the most popular one among the others. (You know, in this day and age, which high school students would actually want to see their friends playing some old instrument in their performing arts events?)

2. Photography and Digital Image
My father has almost lost all of his interest to his one-year-old-SLR-camera. Since it was left in his wardrobe and waiting for spiders to web, I'm thinking of using it for my personal interests. I have liked the art of photography since I was in junior high, but I've never actually learn the basics or asking some professionals. It's kinda cool to have your SLR hanging on your neck anyway. (makes you looked like a professional although you're a super beginner. HA.)  and this one is a super-popular extracurricular too.

3. Sahabat Perpustakaan (translated as Library's best friend)
Not a popular one. Their members also made a cute mini pamphlet, and going around classes to promote their club too. And that's so nice of them, since I became interested of joining because of their hard work. The club give a lot of benefits; extra-point for Bahasa Indonesia, some leaderships experience, writing articles-fictions-book reviews experience, and you can borrow up to 5 books at a time from our school's amazing library if you are a member. *I know, why didn't I join a Journalism club?*
here's the story:
I've been interested in writing since junior high, and joined a Journalism club too. I've write an article that was published in our school's magazine. but that was not the point; when my article was published, I saw a lot of the so called 'correction and editing' on my writings. but that was not the point either. what I hate the most is the text "written by Lucia Jessica AND put a name here". the editor's name IS next to my name, as the writer. I was like ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? and throw that magazine, as far away as I can. and I hate the journalism for that. *I know I'm stupid, but so what?*

4. other music clubs 
I've just taking violin courses for a year, and I'm not really sure if I can be in music clubs. this one's problem is I haven't collected enough self-confidence to be performing in front of others, and to be a beginner among those musical geniuses members.

Popular clubs got their members without doing anything, and even had to do a selection among the member candidates. (and the one that got through the selection somehow feels (a little) superior.) Meanwhile, the not so popular clubs had to do a lot of promotion, and still is not as popular as the earlier because mostly the members are the one that is not selected in the popular one. It's a natural thing, I guess, yet it's just not fair. :| 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

stuff I did this week

it's been a while since I was busy all-day-long. I think I've been slacking around too much this past couple of months.
Now that there's my new highschoolbuilding-classmates-uniforms-lessons-schoolcanteen-etc. ; I need to do a lot of adaptation thing right away and quickly. I don't think I can tell you all of them since there's just too many things.

I think it's easier to make a list than do a narrative. so here it is.

1. I got scolded by my tutors on the first day - because I wasn't polite enough.

2. My body is not strong enough so I feel like passing out the whole time, but I managed to get through those harsh and busy days just fine. (but I couldn't stop coughing now.)

3. My new class XJ is super fun and definitely the kind of class I wanna be in for a whole year.

4. I'm kinda nervous that I might not be able to PASS the MOS. They say there's 15 or more that didn't pass, out of around 530 students. (thank God I passed).

5. I made this skull-pirates nametag. (It stands for 'Jack Sparrow' from Pirates of Carribean; you know. I'm in class J after all.)

6. My violin examination which supposed to be held tomorrow was postponed (thank God once again !) I couldn't handle more pressure these past few days.

7. If I say that I don't regret a thing about going to st.Louis 1 that'd be a lie. I do regret a little because of this so called Matriculation. I can't believe I couldn't even do half of the Math pre-test. Seriously. I feel like my brain is freezing or something. damn. I've been warned that this school's standard is super high, but I hope I could get through this things just fine.

8. It is my second time for being called "you looked exactly like my friend-someone I know". The first time was by my Violin teacher, he said I looked like his junior from college or something. and this time, my classmates from Santa Maria Junior High said that I looked like their friend named Clarissa from class A. It's kinda freaky being told like that, huh?

9. Although this time I didn't go anywhere for holidays, I got -surprisingly- a lot of different merchandise from pasausa. Bali pink t-shirt from Nadia, Batik Jogja sandals from Ketan, Star-shaped Universal Studio keychain from Yovita, Flower shaped candle and bracelet from Bebek, and that purple guy over there was from Monica.

thanks a bunch. they're just lovely

Sunday, July 10, 2011

uniforms and school.

it's funny how the third to last post was saying 'another 3 days to new semester' and this one says 'tomorrow is a new semester' right?

anyway, I got that scholarship to that high school, which is I'm really glad and proud about, if you ask. Sadly it's B-second to best- instead of A-the best(cheapest)- one. and you know what? I'm not supposed to blame my math score, it's my Bahasa Indonesia's score the one to blame. isn't that funny? my own mother's (and father's) language is the one who drags me down. gosh.

the one thing I regret the most is my school vest' size. it's medium, instead of small. I got my mom alter it somewhere, but still. it's to damned big. why oh why..
well, it's not that if I got small instead of medium I would look any better. the uniform's getting worse and worse by time. "back then when my sister's wearing this uniform it looks super good because your grandma's the one who made it" is what my mom always said. well, time goes by and this is what we got. no more 'omg, that school's uniform is the best in town.'

Friday, July 8, 2011

Barajou no Kiss

Barajou no Kiss (薔薇嬢のキス) aka Kiss of Rose Princess is a super hearthrobbing comedy-action-fantasy-romance-shoujo manga. It's still on-going now, which makes you so curious about what might happen next.

The story tells us about Anis Yamamoto (八麻本アニス) a cheerful high school girl who stands out because of her irremovable attention attractor rose-choker. It was a gift from her father, (later known as a sorcerer) who claimed it was a protective amulet which would safeguard her from harm. However, if she ever took it off (which is easier said than done) a punishment will be fall upon her.

Soon after the story began, she bumped into Ninufa, a bat-winged cat-eared long-tailed little black creature who drops a red rose card and stole her rose choker ! Of course the super-fast-runner girl chased after it, but it disappeared behind a curtain. Careless Anis yanks it open and found herself falling into a pitch-black hole and lands upon a big angry dragon (which is later known as Ninufa's released form). Itsushi-sensei, the school librarian suddenly shows up and ask Anis to kiss the card. He says it was some kind of charm to the confused Anis.

 ain't that art SUPER SEXY?! Aya Shouto is madly tanlented !

Thus, she kissed the red card and her rude-classmate Kaede Higa (緋賀楓) who claimed to be the red rhode knight showed up. It turns out there were 3 more cards, white, black and blue Rhode Knight showed up after Anis kissed those cards ! There's Mitsuru Tenjoh (天上光琉), the super handsome and popular student council president as white; also the rumoured head of delinquent which actually was not human but a 'dark stalker' Mutsuki Kurama (蔵間無月) as black; and finally the supercute, fragile looking (but actually a homunculus) junior Seiran Asagi (浅木晴嵐) as blue.

The super destiny-romance-fantasy finally started !

it's Kaede-Anis. I know.. cute, eh?

PS. You can read it on online manga reader such as but it all started from our beloved Turtle Paradise Scanalations. 
thanks a bunch guys☺

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

random questions

OK. So I was just browsing and bored.
when I ask google what should I do, I found this random questions. 

* country you wanna visit
definetely JAPAN. and PARIS. -eiffel i'm in love XD-
* like Thunderstorms ?
yeah. they're super cool.
* did you dream last night ?
* remember your dream ?
let's see... nope.
* the last film you saw
Insidious. supercool horror movie
* bungee jumping or sky diving?
both are fine. but I guess sky diving sounds cooler.
* what time is bed time ?
10 to 11 on school night, 12 or more for holidays.
* what did you do on your last birthday ?
studying, mostly. it's final-term anyway. DX
* do you believe in love at first sight ?
nah. that's hilarious.
* the second to last person who called you
my mom.
* do you sing in while showering ?
sometimes. d:
* your dream car
a yellow Porsche 911 Turbo.
* what are you reading now ?
i wouldn't be bored if i'm reading something. =='
* how many rings before you answer the phone ?
what? I think third on home phone, and there's no 'rings' on my mobile.
* your best characteristics ?
i'm not afraid of things and reliable ?
* if you had A Big Win in the Lottery, how long would you wait to tell people?
hmm, like 2 seconds ?
* any future goals ?
being able to speak Japanese (° ̄^ ̄°)
* guuess what time is it
errr.. eight ?
* and the actual time ?
* last time you took a shower ?
oh damn, i forgot to take the evening shower. 
* are you wearing any perfume/cologne ?
* next trip you are going to take
South Korea, i guess.
* last person's house you were in
my grandma's
* last food you ate
grilled fish and rice.
* last person you text
my civics teacher. ƪ(˘з˘)ʃ
* do you play any instrument ?
yeah, violin and piano.
* Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
yeah, four piece from fashionbox.
* do you prefer british or american spelling of words?
american. british confuses me sometimes.
 * a song you love
 the lazy song by bruno mars
* any favourite books ?
lately, i'm loving the airhead trilogy by meg cabot

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nodame Cantabile

I've been reading it since last week, online as usual.
and when now it's over, feel like something's missing. :(

Frankly speaking, the story's about this odd-freak character, yet super talented pianist called Megumi Noda a.k.a Nodame. At the beginning she was studying as a music student in Momogaoka College of music. Then, she met her charming, neat and practical prince, Shinichi Chiaki.
He cleans, cooks, do the laundry, and every single house work for the garbage girl. Ha. Basically Chiaki was Nodame's babysitter, considering that he even wash her hair several times.
Later on, they both become what you call a mismatch couple.
As the story goes, it displays Nodame and Chiaki's music prodigy, their passion for classical and orchestras, since despite his talent as a pianist and violist, Chiaki's dreaming of becoming a conductor.

There's a lot of hilarious moments for sure, it's really a good one to read when you're feeling down. Tomoko Ninomiya-sensei was truly a genius for mixing romance-comedy-classical music thing altogether.

Well, since it's my first review. I really don't have much to say.
Just read it, and you'll understand how good it is.

PS. It's also a great one to read when you feel bored with your instruments. It'll make want to practice and get better. I even dream to be in an orchestra.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

another 3 days before new semester.

Since I'm already the 9th grader, and it is my second semester, I'm supposed to be more diligent then before.There's so many things ahead: exams, more exams, tryouts, school entrance exam, PENSI, new courses, even school on Saturdays !
Things are absolutely getting more and more complicated !

I don't know if I can keep up with them. I really DO have made some STAIN on my report before, ( what else? it's MATH, fellas ! ) so I'm NOT going to make it worse. What can I do? It's already too late for the school entrance. I definetely wanna go to SINLUI 1, and hopefully got the scholarship, but I don't know anymore-with that hideous MATH score.
yeap, it sounds like I'm exaggerating things, but still..