Monday, June 28, 2010

dream landd♥ !

it's supposed to be "holiday part 3 :]"
but, forget it!
it's going to be boring, right?

When the three of us,  patt-brand-me  are walking around the villas, we found this very very  cute  house standing around the corner of the street!
There's  two cute dogs  guarding the entrance too! The dogs didn't bark when we arrived, that's why I love it so much! (mostly because I could took picture as much as I want! *lols*)
Back to the topic,, this house look just like a  dream landd ♥ ! I would like a house like that, so cute and different, but very  princess-a-like  :D


holiday part 2 :]

My family and the other families of Hwa-ind '85 are staying at "Klub Bunga hotel"
it was one of the most popular hotel at Batu this decade. :P
There is a big swimming pool over there, and I really really wanna swim, but too bad I forgot to bring my swimsuits stuff.. :[

anyway, as I told you before, I met Patricia there.
but, that's not the end of the happy story!
I also met this cute, talkative boy named Brandon! He talks a lot, and he is a narcissism too!
Just like me and Patt!
So that's why-once again-we took a lot of picture!

holiday part 1 :]

yeah, it's my holiday.
I'm going to Batu, East Java, Indonesia this holiday.
why Batu? because there's my dad's reunion over there.
it's his senior high school reunion. "Hwa-ind year '85"
I always thought it's going to be boring just like three years ago.
But, it's not boring anymore, because I met this girl, Patricia , which is my dad's best friend's daughter!
She's 18, and she's going to university this year. :D
one thing I like the most about her, is that she's incredibly friendly!
and so, I took a lot of picture with her!
 it's one of those pictures! :]
well, that's the first story, and I'm working on the second now~


Thursday, June 24, 2010

introducing ♥ pAsausa™ , 8 beautiful girls!-

since I've got nothing to do today, I'll tell you my best friends, pasausa.
pAsausa (Port Angeles secret agent of USA) has 8 members, including me.
They are :

Avilia Tania a.k.a   ketan
Febrianna Maria a.k.a   bebek 
Felicia Halim a.k.a   fh
Lucia Jessica a.k.a   jede :9
Monica Lavenia a.k.a   moncrott
Nadia Radcliffe a.k.a  nad''
Sherlyta Utomo a.k.a   sher'' 
Yovia Sugionoputri a.k.a   yovi

Monday, June 21, 2010

piano ♥

when everyone around me, (feli, yovita, monica) wants a teddy bear so badly, I'm not interested at all- Why? Becausee, I do have another BIG wish!!
It's a pianoo!!
oh my godd! I want it so muchh! :(

Dad! please buy me one.. *puppy dog face + double winks*

Sunday, June 20, 2010

the sky today *lol*

I saw a shining star today, when Monica and I were walking to her house.
I took a picture of it with my cell, but unfortunately, thanks to the stupidity of my cell's camera,, we can't see the shining star. :(
Anyway, it's the night sky, today-

(there's supposed to be a star over there! ==')

Saturday, June 19, 2010

bloggin' for the first timee!

Yeiy, finally I've finished this layout!
I've always wanted to made a blog before, and the one who pulled this trigger was my besties, Felicia! (thanks, sistt! :D)
when she said that she just made a blog, I wanted to try too!
and  TADAAA--

This is my blogg!
Eηjoy!~ :]


PS: Just so you know, this is Feli's blog!