Thursday, June 24, 2010

introducing ♥ pAsausa™ , 8 beautiful girls!-

since I've got nothing to do today, I'll tell you my best friends, pasausa.
pAsausa (Port Angeles secret agent of USA) has 8 members, including me.
They are :

Avilia Tania a.k.a   ketan
Febrianna Maria a.k.a   bebek 
Felicia Halim a.k.a   fh
Lucia Jessica a.k.a   jede :9
Monica Lavenia a.k.a   moncrott
Nadia Radcliffe a.k.a  nad''
Sherlyta Utomo a.k.a   sher'' 
Yovia Sugionoputri a.k.a   yovi

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