Saturday, July 17, 2010

pasausa's birthday party! :)

here I am, still the old Jess'- XD
just like the title, this post is all about pasausa's birthday!
we all are a ninth grader now, so we should be more mature, smarter, and cuter! :))
what do you think about these stuff?
tell me! :)

and, finally it's mee! :)
here's the behind the scene stories..
Our birthday party's supposed to be on July 1st.
but since we are too busy for our band's project and stuff (it's holiday! yeiy :D)
so that's why it's 2 weeks late. :(
anyway, we're having soo much fun today!
see ya on the next post!


  1. so cute birthday bash. . belated happy birthday!=) so pink, i like that. It's cute

  2. =="
    aq e mana T_T
    parah koq..
    wkwkwk.. xD