Sunday, October 9, 2011


I know what "vintage" is, and I know which clothes or accessories should be called as vintage and which should not be; but when a friend of mine ask me what vintage is, I didn't really know what should I say. I just said "errrm...., antique?".

I've also googled and I haven't really found anything useful.
so, does anybody know?

all images were taken from here. I heart them so much and I think you should too. :)


  1. Well, for me, vintage is a sense to style. I am not sure. Anything without flashy, overly modern things. That is vintage. <3

  2. Vintage is fashionably old. yet giving out style even the rusty edges. :)


  3. Well, even though others don't appreciate the word "vintage", I do. Oh and that picture on the Eiffel Tower struck me. I've always dreamed of going to Paris it see her beauty. I consider Paris as a vintage place too.

    Vintage doesn't simply refer to old or what. It's completely style. In other words, classic :)