Wednesday, November 23, 2011

books and reality

Sometimes when you had just finished a book (romantic ones to be precise), you would think and wonder, how could the leading male and female was so handsome/beautiful even though they were not actors.

Even when the girl had completely forgotten her stupid-but-handsome-football-player crush and finally realized her love for her male best friend, she WILL still think that her best friend was actually handsome, or at least she will realize how fit his body was, how big and warm his hand was, or how cute his smile was.

And of course, when that happened, some readers thought that it's kinda sweet; while the others thought what the heck is wrong with her being stupid for the last 10 years or something.

Anyway, we sometimes want non-good-looking roles, but when we actually read those books- our heart sank and we just want to finishes the book as quickly as we can and buy another one.

That's why I think books should stay as an imagination of the author that we read, and should not be compared with reality. because that's just wayyy too DIFFERENT.

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