Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nodame Cantabile

I've been reading it since last week, online as usual.
and when now it's over, feel like something's missing. :(

Frankly speaking, the story's about this odd-freak character, yet super talented pianist called Megumi Noda a.k.a Nodame. At the beginning she was studying as a music student in Momogaoka College of music. Then, she met her charming, neat and practical prince, Shinichi Chiaki.
He cleans, cooks, do the laundry, and every single house work for the garbage girl. Ha. Basically Chiaki was Nodame's babysitter, considering that he even wash her hair several times.
Later on, they both become what you call a mismatch couple.
As the story goes, it displays Nodame and Chiaki's music prodigy, their passion for classical and orchestras, since despite his talent as a pianist and violist, Chiaki's dreaming of becoming a conductor.

There's a lot of hilarious moments for sure, it's really a good one to read when you're feeling down. Tomoko Ninomiya-sensei was truly a genius for mixing romance-comedy-classical music thing altogether.

Well, since it's my first review. I really don't have much to say.
Just read it, and you'll understand how good it is.

PS. It's also a great one to read when you feel bored with your instruments. It'll make want to practice and get better. I even dream to be in an orchestra.

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