Wednesday, July 6, 2011

random questions

OK. So I was just browsing and bored.
when I ask google what should I do, I found this random questions. 

* country you wanna visit
definetely JAPAN. and PARIS. -eiffel i'm in love XD-
* like Thunderstorms ?
yeah. they're super cool.
* did you dream last night ?
* remember your dream ?
let's see... nope.
* the last film you saw
Insidious. supercool horror movie
* bungee jumping or sky diving?
both are fine. but I guess sky diving sounds cooler.
* what time is bed time ?
10 to 11 on school night, 12 or more for holidays.
* what did you do on your last birthday ?
studying, mostly. it's final-term anyway. DX
* do you believe in love at first sight ?
nah. that's hilarious.
* the second to last person who called you
my mom.
* do you sing in while showering ?
sometimes. d:
* your dream car
a yellow Porsche 911 Turbo.
* what are you reading now ?
i wouldn't be bored if i'm reading something. =='
* how many rings before you answer the phone ?
what? I think third on home phone, and there's no 'rings' on my mobile.
* your best characteristics ?
i'm not afraid of things and reliable ?
* if you had A Big Win in the Lottery, how long would you wait to tell people?
hmm, like 2 seconds ?
* any future goals ?
being able to speak Japanese (° ̄^ ̄°)
* guuess what time is it
errr.. eight ?
* and the actual time ?
* last time you took a shower ?
oh damn, i forgot to take the evening shower. 
* are you wearing any perfume/cologne ?
* next trip you are going to take
South Korea, i guess.
* last person's house you were in
my grandma's
* last food you ate
grilled fish and rice.
* last person you text
my civics teacher. ƪ(˘з˘)ʃ
* do you play any instrument ?
yeah, violin and piano.
* Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
yeah, four piece from fashionbox.
* do you prefer british or american spelling of words?
american. british confuses me sometimes.
 * a song you love
 the lazy song by bruno mars
* any favourite books ?
lately, i'm loving the airhead trilogy by meg cabot

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