Friday, July 8, 2011

Barajou no Kiss

Barajou no Kiss (薔薇嬢のキス) aka Kiss of Rose Princess is a super hearthrobbing comedy-action-fantasy-romance-shoujo manga. It's still on-going now, which makes you so curious about what might happen next.

The story tells us about Anis Yamamoto (八麻本アニス) a cheerful high school girl who stands out because of her irremovable attention attractor rose-choker. It was a gift from her father, (later known as a sorcerer) who claimed it was a protective amulet which would safeguard her from harm. However, if she ever took it off (which is easier said than done) a punishment will be fall upon her.

Soon after the story began, she bumped into Ninufa, a bat-winged cat-eared long-tailed little black creature who drops a red rose card and stole her rose choker ! Of course the super-fast-runner girl chased after it, but it disappeared behind a curtain. Careless Anis yanks it open and found herself falling into a pitch-black hole and lands upon a big angry dragon (which is later known as Ninufa's released form). Itsushi-sensei, the school librarian suddenly shows up and ask Anis to kiss the card. He says it was some kind of charm to the confused Anis.

 ain't that art SUPER SEXY?! Aya Shouto is madly tanlented !

Thus, she kissed the red card and her rude-classmate Kaede Higa (緋賀楓) who claimed to be the red rhode knight showed up. It turns out there were 3 more cards, white, black and blue Rhode Knight showed up after Anis kissed those cards ! There's Mitsuru Tenjoh (天上光琉), the super handsome and popular student council president as white; also the rumoured head of delinquent which actually was not human but a 'dark stalker' Mutsuki Kurama (蔵間無月) as black; and finally the supercute, fragile looking (but actually a homunculus) junior Seiran Asagi (浅木晴嵐) as blue.

The super destiny-romance-fantasy finally started !

it's Kaede-Anis. I know.. cute, eh?

PS. You can read it on online manga reader such as but it all started from our beloved Turtle Paradise Scanalations. 
thanks a bunch guys☺

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