Saturday, July 16, 2011

stuff I did this week

it's been a while since I was busy all-day-long. I think I've been slacking around too much this past couple of months.
Now that there's my new highschoolbuilding-classmates-uniforms-lessons-schoolcanteen-etc. ; I need to do a lot of adaptation thing right away and quickly. I don't think I can tell you all of them since there's just too many things.

I think it's easier to make a list than do a narrative. so here it is.

1. I got scolded by my tutors on the first day - because I wasn't polite enough.

2. My body is not strong enough so I feel like passing out the whole time, but I managed to get through those harsh and busy days just fine. (but I couldn't stop coughing now.)

3. My new class XJ is super fun and definitely the kind of class I wanna be in for a whole year.

4. I'm kinda nervous that I might not be able to PASS the MOS. They say there's 15 or more that didn't pass, out of around 530 students. (thank God I passed).

5. I made this skull-pirates nametag. (It stands for 'Jack Sparrow' from Pirates of Carribean; you know. I'm in class J after all.)

6. My violin examination which supposed to be held tomorrow was postponed (thank God once again !) I couldn't handle more pressure these past few days.

7. If I say that I don't regret a thing about going to st.Louis 1 that'd be a lie. I do regret a little because of this so called Matriculation. I can't believe I couldn't even do half of the Math pre-test. Seriously. I feel like my brain is freezing or something. damn. I've been warned that this school's standard is super high, but I hope I could get through this things just fine.

8. It is my second time for being called "you looked exactly like my friend-someone I know". The first time was by my Violin teacher, he said I looked like his junior from college or something. and this time, my classmates from Santa Maria Junior High said that I looked like their friend named Clarissa from class A. It's kinda freaky being told like that, huh?

9. Although this time I didn't go anywhere for holidays, I got -surprisingly- a lot of different merchandise from pasausa. Bali pink t-shirt from Nadia, Batik Jogja sandals from Ketan, Star-shaped Universal Studio keychain from Yovita, Flower shaped candle and bracelet from Bebek, and that purple guy over there was from Monica.

thanks a bunch. they're just lovely

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