Sunday, July 10, 2011

uniforms and school.

it's funny how the third to last post was saying 'another 3 days to new semester' and this one says 'tomorrow is a new semester' right?

anyway, I got that scholarship to that high school, which is I'm really glad and proud about, if you ask. Sadly it's B-second to best- instead of A-the best(cheapest)- one. and you know what? I'm not supposed to blame my math score, it's my Bahasa Indonesia's score the one to blame. isn't that funny? my own mother's (and father's) language is the one who drags me down. gosh.

the one thing I regret the most is my school vest' size. it's medium, instead of small. I got my mom alter it somewhere, but still. it's to damned big. why oh why..
well, it's not that if I got small instead of medium I would look any better. the uniform's getting worse and worse by time. "back then when my sister's wearing this uniform it looks super good because your grandma's the one who made it" is what my mom always said. well, time goes by and this is what we got. no more 'omg, that school's uniform is the best in town.'


  1. Congrats with the scholarship :)
    I'm curious to your schooluniform, we don't have any here in the Netherlands haha, it's so different~